Chasing Excellence

#049: Game Day Nutrition

Episode Summary

We're talking about the best practices & common mistakes of keeping your nutrition on point during your next CrossFit competition.

Episode Notes

Show Notes

01:45 - Talking about the Spartan Beast race I recently ran

03:04 - Breaking down my nutrition plan for running the Beast

11:20 - The similarities between the Spartan Beast & the CrossFit Games’ marathon row

11:58 - The challenge of being away from home for a competition

15:08 - The big differences between single day & multi-day competitions

18:21 - Why avoiding fat is important during competition

19:02 - Whether or not Keto is a good idea while competing

20:14 - How much testing is involved when it comes to competition nutrition

23:55 - Knowing whether or not small nutrition tweaks are working

26:41 - Nutrient timing

27:18 - Common mistakes I’ve seen on game day

31:05 - How to work with an athlete who isn’t sticking to the nutritional plan

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