Chasing Excellence

#064: Responding to Training Setbacks

Episode Summary

We’re diving into some ways to avoid overuse injuries in the gym, how to think about coming back from whatever setbacks may have derailed your training, & what we do as an affiliate to try to minimize injuries from happening at all.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

02:47 - My general take on injuries inside a CrossFit affiliate

05:57 - How to minimize the chances of injuries occurring

09:06 - How CFNE works to mitigate against injuries from popping up among our membership

15:18 - Brent Fikowski and turning obstacles into opportunities

18:27 - What training around an injury looks like

24:29 - How to modify workouts without overuse or boredom

29:17 - Dealing with shoulder injuries

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Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we'll deep dive on various aspects of running a CrossFit affiliate, becoming a better coach or athlete, & maximizing your potential.

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