Chasing Excellence

#059: Running Your Gym Like a Private School

Episode Summary

We're talking about how CrossFit New England on-boards new members, the three things we believe can guarantee our members' success, & why gyms should be paying attention to their churn rate.

Episode Notes

This episode is brought to you by Functional Branding.

Show Notes:

04:42 - Whether I think all gyms should be run like a private school.

12:24 - The three things that I think can guarantee a members' success in our gym.

19:58 - How we talk to new members about our process.

26:21 - Talking about how successful the CFNE Way has been about 18 months in.

27:05 - Why churn rate is more important than retention rate.


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Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we'll deep dive on various aspects of running a CrossFit affiliate, becoming a better coach or athlete, & maximizing your potential.